The first product launched by The Authentic Alcohol Company in October 2020. (Yip right in the middle of Covid!)

A pure Molasses based Rum infused with Honeybush, Cassia and Almonds…. and a little wood of course.

We redistill our Almond infusion to ensure that anyone with a nut allergy will not be compromised by our Rum.

The product was developed as a pouring Rum with Spice for the “on-consumption” industry however is now being sought after by the “off-consumption” trade as well.

It has been listed at various venues and retailers and is well respected as a versatile Rum.

It makes a really Great Pina Colada. It is good friends with Cola as a Cuba Libre and plays well with Ginger Beer as a Dark and Stormy© (not by us).

For the more Traditional market it is great as a Daiquiri.

Please note – we have No Sugar or Colourants added to our Rum

The Authentic Alcohol Company is not your “Once-off” Big Brand but your World Class Quality, trusted day to day Bartenders best friend. Providing only the best quality while giving back to the community. A Liquor Company designed by the trade for the trade !

Our initial move into the market was aimed at the trade and the ability to “White Label” the product to suit the customers requirements. Since then our product has generated enough interest to ensure that we enter the Retail Market with a newly designed label

New Retail Label


Our Original Label aimed at the White labelling market…